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For more than 20 years, North Brisbane’s Flinn Taekwondo Academy has been offering Taekwondo & Self Defence lessons for people of all skills and ages.

Our coaches include Benjamin Flinn, Josh Flinn, and Yu-Shu Flinn who have a combined total of over 60 years’ experience in Taekwondo. In addition to training students to success in local, state and even international competitions, our instructors have also actively participated in competitions at all levels.

At Flinn Taekwondo Academy, we teach all aspects of Taekwondo as a Martial Art. Our classes comprise of children, women and adult self defence classes as well as traditional martial arts classes. We also have a particular interest in the competition side of Taekwondo which includes, competition Kyrougi (Sparring/Fighting) Competition Poomsae and Competition Freestyle Events. Our teachers are fully qualified with Australian Taekwondo and The Oceania Taekwondo Union, and we have numerous students who compete at state, national and international levels (World Taekwondo).

Josh Flinn


With 25 years’ experience in Taekwondo, Josh is a qualified 5th Dan Head instructor and is deeply involved with the development of Queensland’s high-performance pathways and performance squad pathways, within the region.

Josh has accomplished significant achievements over the years, winning medals locally, nationally and at international levels. Josh also serves as the Queensland Technical Chairperson and plays a crucial role in the performance of Poomsae Officials, Level 1 Poomsae Judge.

With this background, Josh brings a wealth of knowledge and high standard of excellence to the sport of Taekwondo.

Benjamin Flinn


Benjamin offers over 31 years’ experience in Taekwondo and has achieved the role of a 5th Dan Head Instructor. At present, Benjamin is Queensland’s Assistant Performance Coach and a level 1 Poomsae Judge as well as Kukkiwon Certified Examiner.

These achievements are also backed by many awards won at local, national and international events from personally competing. With an exceptional understanding of the technicalities in Taekwondo, students will work with an accomplished coach in a supportive environment and refine their skills.

Yushu Flinn


Hailing from Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Yushu is a 5th Dan Instructor and has amassed a phenomenal 26 years of experience in the sport of Taekwondo. Achievements include multiple time, local, national and world champion. A Medalist at Multiple World Championships showing extreme skill and dedication to the sport.

As a Level 1 Poomsae Judge, Yushu possesses the expertise needed to grade effectively and evaluate with a high skill. With such an accomplished background, Yushu is heavily involved in developing the competitive programs within the club, ensuring that athletes are well prepared for success at all levels.


Our passion and joy for Taekwondo drives our club to assist children in realizing their potential within the sport.  We foster athletes to achieve confidence and become outstanding members within the community, learning life skills along the way. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is secure as well as supportive where individuals of all levels can enjoy the advantages of Taekwondo. 


Flinn Taekwondo Academy has been in operating for over 20 years, within the Northern Brisbane region. From humble beginnings with small classes, to now dedicated sports and high performance classes, our club has an elite focus on Taekwondo in its entirety. This includes Self Defence, Discipline, Competition Poomsae and Competition Sparring. As one of the leading Poomsae clubs in Queensland, our students are taught by instructors who have not only competed themselves, however excelled throughout all levels of competition. This experience and our extensive knowledge in training methods, is what enables our students to achieve the results they achieve throughout their Taekwondo careers.

Our Partners 

Our team consistently participates in their training sessions as well as having their coaches along with their team members participate in our classes when in attendance in each other’s countries. The Minxing Taekwondo Academy has been influential in

producing many of Taiwan’s incredible athletes in both sparring and poomsae over several years.
Minxing Taekwondo Academy has been instrumental in representation of Taekwondo on a world stage, with many of their athletes achieving World Champion and Olympic status.

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