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Poomsae is a series of Taekwondo techniques linked together to create a pattern of moves

These patterns are used frequently for fundamental training purposes, designed to develop, and solidify your skills.
These techniques are used as if you were fending off an attacker, these patterns are also used to grade students’ progression through Taekwondo rankings.  

Flinn Taekwondo Academy is a renowned Poomsae club, within Queensland, with many of our athletes competing at local, state, national and international competitions. With our coaches having all extensively competed internationally with great accolades, our coaches know the training methods and determination required in order for our athletes to achieve on the world stage.

Our training methods are carefully constructed and tailored to allow our students to have the best possible chance of achieving their goals within Poomsae. Our coaches are currently heavily involved in the Queensland State Poomsae Program and are qualified Level 1 poomsae judges.


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